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Parents Committee
Each year we like to form a parent’s committee both to strengthen links between parents and the nursery school and also to help fund raise and organise events for parents and children. Every parent who wishes it, is a member of the parent’s committee and there will be regular informal meetings the first Wednesday of every month at 11 am and 1 pm in the staff room.  I hope as many of you as possible will be able to come along.

Parent Helpers
One of the strongest influences in children’s learning is the interest and involvement of their parents.  Being involved can be different things for each parent, for those who would like to help in the playroom we would offer you the opportunity to help in our book corner, in our garden and on outings to the theatre or venues across Scotland.

Reading together in the Playroom
It is important that children hear stories being read to them, either individually or in very small groups, every day and we would appreciate as many volunteers as possible to help us achieve this.
In particular all children hearing stories in a variety of different languages widens an understanding of each family’s unique skills.

Lending Library
One day each week we have Library Day at Westercraigs.  Each child is given a large polythene book carrier with their name and group colour.  Children have the opportunity to select a book to take home to read.  A sheet recording their choice with a space provided for child and parent feedback is enclosed in the bag. 

We have a large selection of dual language books which we continue to expand to support every family who joins our nursery.

Parent’s suggestions for selecting new books are welcomed.  Please speak to a member of staff or include suggested titles on your child’s library notes.

GCC Library service delivers 2 new large boxes of books every month for our children.

In addition groups of children visit the local library to select books for nursery. Story telling sessions for children, parents and staff are also held in Dennistoun library on a regular basis.
See notices on the playroom door.

Book Start Bags are provided for every new pupil to keep at the beginning of each school year. Included is a Parent Book – Every Day’s A Learning Day, which has lots of simple activities to carry out at Home.