Westercraigs Nursery School

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Our Playrooms & Outdoor Areas

There are 64 children in the school each session supported by a key worker & our full staff team. The key worker is responsible for liaising with parents/carers as well as recording, evidencing & assessing the child’s achievements & progress. The whole team work together to provide rich, stimulating play and learning experiences appropriate to each & every child in our nursery. All staff have a part to play in monitoring the child’s progress. The key worker will share this collective feedback with children & their families.

These observations & assessments form the basis of Parent’s Meetings throughout the year. Examples of your child’s progress are continuously added to Your Child’s Care Plan, Learning Journal & Learning Log. The Learning Journal, Learning Log & pieces of work created during the session are stored in your child’s tray in the shelves at the exit from the playroom. You are encouraged to look at these with your child/key worker at frequent intervals.

During each morning or afternoon session the children are free to choose from a wide selection of toys, play experience and activities with the emphasis on outdoor play.

Children get together at points with members of staff to talk about the child’s plans for that day’s activities. Evidence of these plans and activities are collected in Big Books. The Big Books also act as scrapbooks highlighting each child’s successes. You are welcome to view these at any time.
All pupils are free to choose any and all of the activities on offer.

Under the title “Nurture Through Nature” we aim to do most of our learning outdoors in real time in the real world.

Opportunities for children to join in musical activities – singing, dancing, playing instruments take place in one of the playrooms or at Concert & Theatre venues in Glasgow.

We have excellent Outdoor Learning Spaces which are in use daily in ALL WEATHERS. Please ensure your child comes with suitable outdoor wear EVERY DAY in order to make full use of these facilities.

Collecting Your Child - Parents are asked to collect their child by 12.45 or 5.45pm in order to gather together the child’s clothing, artwork or baking & at times have a brief word with staff on duty about the child’s session.