Westercraigs Nursery School

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Snacks & Meals

A Healthy Snack is on offer each morning and afternoon. The selection includes fresh fruit, salad, vegetables, wholemeal bread/toast, pitta bread, wraps, tuna, cheese, crème fresh etc.  During snack time children are encouraged to exercise choice, appreciate the importance of a healthy diet and develop good table manners. 
Breakfast is offered to all morning session children who arrive in nursery by 8.45am.

A 2 course mid-day meal is available for children through the 1140 hours offer. Special diets can be catered for at both snack and lunch time where parents supply medical referrals.

Daily baking/cooking experiences are offered.  Each child will have the opportunity to make the recipe of the week from a small range of healthy options including bread, pizza, scones, vegetable soup etc.  Please check the Bakery basket daily in order to take home your child’s prepared food.  The School Fund weekly parental contribution meets the cost of most of the above activities. (See School Fund Agreement.)

School Meals for Extended Day Pupils
Children and young people of parents/carers receiving Income Support, income-based Job Seekers Allowance, Working Tax Credit (where income is less than £6,010) and Child Tax Credit only (where income is less than £16,105*) are entitled to a free midday meal. Information and application forms for free establishment meals may be obtained from establishments and from Grants Section at Education Services headquarters. *Income amount effective from 1 April 2011 and may be changed by Department of Work and Pensions.

Fees for meals are charged through GCC’S centralised Payment Collection system.