Westercraigs Nursery School

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Tooth Brushing

We are a ‘Smile Too Nursery.’ This means that we try to help you and you child keep their teeth as healthy as possible. As well as providing a healthy snack we also have a tooth-brushing programme. Our tooth-brushing programme is based on advice from the Dental Health Board. 

Regular visits from The Oral Health Team are a lively fun event at Westercraigs.

After lunch the children are shown how to brush their teeth properly using a ‘dry technique.’ There is no need for them to spit out since only a very small amount of full strength toothpaste is used. A toothbrush and toothpaste are given to each child to use at home at the start of each session. The aim is to provide continuity between home and school experience. 

Parent workshops on dry tooth brushing and dental health issues each term are led by staff and monitored by Louise our Oral Health Promoter. Details are given in newsletters text messages & notices prior to the date.